It's not a car,
it's a personal monument

This car combines two extremes with military precision. It has the Jeep as its base, and doesn’t that stand for Just Enough Elementary Parts? But the Brute is in no way a simple creature. On the contrary: the Brute is magnificence itself in a 4×4 format. A car that clearly represents the freedom its owner creates for themselves. Creating freedom, that’s something they take very literally at Brute.  You can fully customize the Richmond to your liking, but we will gladly assist you in building your dream.

Brute - Richmond

I can, I will, end of story.

Yes, this is a car for those who think outside the box. This is a Jeep for people who turn left where most others choose to turn right. In addition to private use, the Richmond is also suitable for use as a business car. This makes it perfectly suited to the unconventional businessman. After all, people who give careful thought to everything they undertake deserve a carefully designed car.

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