Project Description


The BRUTE Lagoon. With the cool looks of a vintage Jeep, the Lagoon is the custom statement of pure fun and freedom.

Not only the exterior is painted in high quality, the interior is also completely painted! We offer a set of bright and vivid colors with cool and custom matching premium leather interiors. Do you have your own idea on colourschemes? Do not hesitate to tell us, nearly nothing is impossible!

The Lagoon is always build up with a premium and custom design interior, Carbon elements, Custom Lagoon Wheels, Custom aluminum parts, Custom grille. That is the sum of just a few characteristics of the Lagoon. Like every BRUTE that leaves the factory, every Lagoon is built-up with the finest materials. Using only the Dutch finest craftsman- and women, resulting in a charismatic and luxurious statement of standing out from the crowd.. a BRUTE. But… with respect to the DNA of a timeless icon. You can fully customize the Lagoon to your liking, but we will gladly assist you in building your dream.

Browse through some of our projects and feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you in one of our showrooms.