Meet the Richmond

Meet BRUTE. The superlative in exclusive, personalized and luxury.  

With carbon or aluminum elements, in a pick-up or convertible version. Customized to the last detail.


This BRUTE Richmond Custom Convertible is luxury in perfection. An exterior in the warm colour scheme ‘Brasil Cacao’ and black 17″ custom BRUTE wheels. The interior is fully finished in Silk Brown leather. Not only the seats, the dashboard and the doors, also the removable hard top parts are made of leather. The headrests of the seats are embroidered with the BRUTE logo.

‘Factory Finished’, this BRUTE is equipped with a hard top that can be removed in 2 parts. Remove these parts and you are already driving ‘open’. For the real cabriolet feeling you simply remove the entire body and the sun and wind are added to the driving experience.

BRUTE not only personalises the interior and exterior of your car, there are aslo plenty of options under the hood possible, thanks to the Power & Sound Pack. This pack manages to increase the engine power to 300hp and adds a full exhaust sound.